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Title: [ANN] Nightmare | NM | FRESH algo | NightSend | Encrypted P2P Chat | 8/15
Post by: vindyne8 on August 16, 2014, 08:03:09 pm

Nightmare 'NM'
Algorithm - FRESH (Shavite, Simd, Echo, in 5 rounds of hashing)
Total Coins - ~7.14 Million NM
RPC PORT: 22789
60 second block time
11% POS Interest for the first 1 year then drops to 5.5%
1% developer premine and 1% premine for bounties
NightSend addresses start with a lowercase 'n'
Nightmare addresses start with a capital 'N'

Block 1 is 1% NM developer premine & 1% premine for bounties
Block 2-160 are 0 NM for fair start
Block 161-14000 are 500 NM (~10 days POW)
POS with 11% annual interest and then 5.5% annual interest after 1 year.

Nightmare features several "can't do without" features to provide anonymity.
Encrypted Peer-To-Peer Messaging
NightSend Stealth Addresses
Statistics of Nightmare
Basic Block Explorer
FRESH Algorithm proof-of-work phase - saves upto 30% on power and heat consumption!
Initial seed node is coded into Nightmare
(We plan to add a lot more!)



Windows Wallet nightmare-qt
Mega - https://mega.co.nz/#!WI4UEASR!Uq0JVU0CCctcGlvMGNdKogRmJwQ21CmigfTLRwh54lg (https://mega.co.nz/#!WI4UEASR!Uq0JVU0CCctcGlvMGNdKogRmJwQ21CmigfTLRwh54lg)
MediaFire - http://www.mediafire.com/download/4e4syut6t2thsdf/nightmare-qt.zip (http://www.mediafire.com/download/4e4syut6t2thsdf/nightmare-qt.zip)

Mac OS X Wallet nightmare-qt
Mega - coming soon
MediaFire -coming soon

Linux Wallet nightmare-qt
Mega - coming soon
MediaFire - coming soon

Github Source Code
https://github.com/nightmarecoin/Nightmare (https://github.com/nightmarecoin/Nightmare)


https://github.com/nightmarecoin/sph-sgminer_fresh (AMD GPU)
https://github.com/nightmarecoin/ccminer (NVIDIA GPU)
https://github.com/nightmarecoin/freshcoin-cpuminer (CPU)

(http://pool.mn/Themes/Dilber/images/theme/logo.png) (http://nm.pool.mn/)

(http://www.suprnova.cc/suprnova-logo-1-small.jpg) (https://nm.suprnova.cc/)

(http://www.hashharder.com/assets/images/logo_128.png) (http://www.hashharder.com/fresh/nightmare)

RENT FRESH RIGS: https://www.miningrigrentals.com/rigs/fresh
(link is not working on their side navigation)

coming soon

coming soon

20,000 NM for working paper wallet generator with a TLD domain
10,000 NM for block explorer with richlist
5,000 NM for Nightmare faucet
5,000 NM for Nightmare games
10 x 500 NM for Nightmare seed nodes
5,000 NM for giveaway - contact us if you can host it
10,000 NM for promotional marketing services - Twitter, Reddit, etc. vindyne8
10,000 NM for professional nightmare video showing off our QT and promoting our brand

The Nightmare Roadmap of Development.

Phase 1 - Release Nightmare (8/15/2014)
Phase 2 - Get Nightmare Third Parties Setup & Bounties Fulfilled & Website online
Phase 3 - Develop Mobile Applications for Nightmare (Android, iOS)
Phase 4 - Nightmare Multipool
Phase 5 - Improved/Added Wallet Features (May be added earlier)
Phase 6 - Nightmare Decentralized Marketplace

Release dates will be coming soon for our phases.
The Nightmare Development team consists of five different outsourced developers and professionals.

TWITTER - https://twitter.com/nightmarecoin

Special Thanks & Credits go out to - The DarkWallet Developers & The Shadowcoin Developers (For Stealth Addresses & Encrypted P2P Chat)

Chinese Translation - http://www.btclt.cn/thread-4774-1-1.html