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Author Topic: THANK - Thanks Bounty Thread - Much to be earned - X11| DGW | No Premine/IPO  (Read 465 times)

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Thanks Is a new cryptocurrency designed to promote thanking and tipping. The idea is whenever you say thanks you give them this crypto. Our crypto has standard cool features such as X11 and DGW.

For all the information regarding Thanks and wallets view the main thread here: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Below are some bounties:

500 THANK for following us on Twitter
Up to 25,000 THANK for honorable contribution to adoption efforts.
5,000 THANK for anyone who tips in their local cafe/restaurant etc… using THANK

75,000 THANK for Block Explorer
125,000 THANK for Tip Bot – can be any; Twitter, Reddit etc.
Upto 100,000 THANK for any other piece of infrastructure.

Wider Adoption
50,000 THANK for anybody accepting Thanks tips on their site or for their business.
50,000 THANK get somebody you know to officially accept Thanks tips.

40,000 THANK for blog post or article about us!
100,000 THANK for video about us !


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following @abbizak

ENRG: eMhfSL5n38RcLU1BREDZXQ4X37Q5k6Edwj
Hyper: HBs9pM7F2VDZEXBeNNejqR3vN8MJgptEa6
EXE : EQWgeY2m4nbbRPm6zHJLjkfugNMmy7mnhn

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