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Author Topic: BitVortex Faucet | No Cooldown! | 0.00864 BTC/DAY | No Investment  (Read 498 times)

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Bit-Vortex.com | 0s Cooldown | 50 sats/claim

BitVortex works by asking you to first register. Once you register, it will automatically log you in and keep you logged in on that computer. Once logged in, you can start earning satoshis! To earn, simply click the "Earn" button on your dashboard page. This will redirect you to a link, which you must view in order to earn bitcoins. After waiting for five seconds, the countdown in the top right side will change to "Skip". Click this. You will be redirected back to BitVortex and credited!

To withdraw your BTC, you must have accumulated at least 0.0005 BTC (0.5 mBTC). A 0.0005 BTC fee is subtracted from the amount withdrawn to stop idiots from withdrawing dust transactions and making me pay half of the amount out as a fee. When you withdraw, you withdraw your entire balance. To withdraw, click "Withdraw", which can be found on your dashboard.

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