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Author Topic: BTC-Stack | Earn BTC Every Minutes | Fresh!  (Read 505 times)

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BTC-Stack | Earn BTC Every Minutes | Fresh!
« about: March 18, 2015, 06:48:08 am »
Start earning
You'll start earning your satoshi moments after registration, automatically becoming a "newbie" (level 1). This label is represented by a big green block at the top of the front page. On its right half it has a timer. As soon as the timer reaches 100 per cent value there will appear a "gain" button in the middle of the block. Press it to recieve your first payment. Please, take a notice that there is no way to recieve satoshi until timer reaches 100 per cent.

Levels (stacks)
Level 1 (Cost: 0.00000000 )
Yields: 0.00000120 BTC/min
You may earn: 0.00001200 BTC (10 minutes)
Maximum per day: 0.00172800 BTC
Maximum per month: 0.05356800 BTC
Referal bonus: 10%

Level 2 (Cost: 0.03600000 0.07200000)
Yields: 0.00000660 BTC/min
You may earn: 0.00019800 BTC (30 minutes)
Maximum per day: 0.00950400 BTC
Maximum per month: 0.29462400 BTC
Referal bonus: 15%

Level 3 (Cost: 0.24000000 0.48000000)
Yields: 0.00003300 BTC/min
You may earn: 0.00198000 BTC (1 hour)
Maximum per day: 0.04752000 BTC
Maximum per month: 1.47312000 BTC
Referal bonus: 20%

Level 4 (Cost: 1.80000000 3.60000000)
Yields: 0.00022000 BTC/min
You may earn: 0.02640000 BTC (2 hours)
Maximum per day: 0.31680000 BTC
Maximum per month: 9.82080000 BTC
Referal bonus: 25%

Level 5 (Cost: 4.50000000 9.00000000)
Yields: 0.00056250 BTC/min
You may earn: 0.10125000 BTC (3 hours)
Maximum per day: 0.81000000 BTC
Maximum per month: 25.11000000 BTC
Referal bonus: 30%

You can withdraw money to your bitcoin wallet at any moment of your choice.There will be a fee of 0.0001 btc taken for every withdrawal. Also you'll lose your current level(stack) and get the previous one. Every time you withdraw being at level one, your payment decreases twice. I.e. you get 1200 satoshis per 10 minutes, but after withdrawal you get 600 satoshis per 10 minutes, after next withdrawal you get 300 etc.
If affects level 1 only. If you buy next level these things are not applied. If you return to level 1 you earn 1200 satoshis again.

You can see captcha only being at level 1. Other levels don't ask you to solve a captcha.

Occasionally, we ask you to confirm that you are a human. Everyone who fails to do it will be banned.

Cheating, multiaccounts, etc
Any cheater will be banned.

Initial referal bonus is equal to 10 per cent and grows with every level./dd>

Please, notice that you have to buy levels(stacks) one after another. You need to purchase all other stacks to reach the fifth one.

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BTC-Stack | Earn BTC Every Minutes | Fresh!
« about: March 18, 2015, 06:48:08 am »


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